Protect Your Files!

Installing Zone 3 Online Backup and Sync is a quick and easy process. After a few clicks, your software will be installed and you will never lose another document again! Log in and download to get started.


Just set it and forget it. Zone 3 Online Backup and Sync protects all your important documents, files and email and even synchronizes your files across your PC, Mac or mobile devices. Access your files anytime, anywhere and from any device. Cloud backup and storage made easy.


All of your data is securely protected with AES 256 encryption using a private password that’s only known to you. All your files are sent to our datacenter over an encrypted SSL/TLS connection. Ensuring maximum security and privacy.


Zone 3 Online Backup and Sync runs in the background, automatically saving all of your pictures, emails, documents and files. And in the event of a disaster, it’s very easy to recover your data or access your files online through your web browser.

Protect The Things That Matter Most

Today, our entire lives are digitized. And data loss resulting from a hard drive crash or laptop theft can have a significant impact on your social, professional and family life.

Unlike USB drives that can become broken or lost, or manual backup schedules which often get skipped or forgotten, Zone 3 Online Backup and Sync is a convenient, secure and dependable way to protect your work documents, family photos, financial information, and all of your most priceless electronic files.

In the same way that you use insurance to protect your house, your car and your health, you should also protect your most valuable and irreplaceable digital assets using Zone 3 Online Backup and Sync backup.

Once the software is installed on your machine, it will continue protecting without any other manual processes. You’ll have peace of mind in knowing that you can easily recover your data anywhere, anytime, and from any point in time.